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Affiliate Program.                  

Certified-Email offers a generous affiliate program.  You sign up as an affiliate at no cost, and promote Certified-Email in any ethical way you are allowed to.  If someone subscribes to Certified-Email as a result of your effort, we will pay you a generous commission.  Simply include your unique Affiliate URL in a banner or link on your website, in your newsletter or as a signature in your email.  Any time someone follows your link to Certified-Email they become your referral.  Alternatively they can simply enter your email address or promotion code on the sign-up page.  Then, when they subscribe to Certified-Email you earn the commission.  It's an easy way to earn cash while spreading the word about Certified-Email's great services!

We provide a unique affiliate tracking system that ensures you will always get your commission from your referrals.  Commissions are paid via PayPal's Send Money system.

To promote Certified-Email you have to be familiar with our products, so if you already have a Certified-Email account sign in here.  If you haven't yet tried us, sign up for our Free Trial and send some test emails.  After that, to register for our Affiliate program or just find out more, sign in to your Certified-Email account and then follow the Affiliate link in the Business Solutions menu.  Once you've seen how good our service is you'll want to join the Affiliate Program right away.

Note: Advertising Certified-Email via spamming is absolutely forbidden.  Please see our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.